Evolve by building capabilities and plans to adapt.

In a world of disruption most employees find it difficult to adapt to workplace change, which may include anything from a merger or restructure, through to moving offices or implementing new policies and procedures.

Whether you are reshaping businesses strategy, introducing new processes or improving current systems, approaching change can be a daunting task, with numerous issues to consider to minimise employee resistance and negative impacts upon the business.

WCA is able to provide professional expertise in this area, applying established change management frameworks, such as the ADKAR model and Kotter’s Eight Step methodology, to assist organisations develop and implement a change management strategy. Typically chase phases include:

  • Phase 1: Establish and plan – create the environment for change 
  • Phase 2: Build and implement – engage and enable the change
  • Phase 3: Support and sustain the change

WCA aligns change strategies to organisational key change objectives, focussing on both external and internal stakeholders across the fundamental areas of People, Processes and Communication, and can be fully managed and implemented by WCA or in conjunction with internal resources.

Case study

WCA was the appointed Change Manager for the Interdepartmental Committee – Queensland Government Procurement (IDC).  The aim was to improve the whole of government approach, effectiveness and accountability of the Queensland Government procurement function across the state.  WCA developed an initial overarching change management strategy and subsequently delivered a Change Management Plan in the form of a practical tool designed to enable the achievement of the project vision and objectives.

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