Enjoy a culture of choice and retain your key staff.

Establishing and maintaining a positive culture, which reflects the organisation’s values, is essential to attracting and retaining top employees.

For leaders, striking a balance between providing a workplace that is enjoyable and engaging, holding staff accountable to achieve business objectives, and rewarding staff appropriately, can be very challenging.

Culture & Engagement Surveys

As a leader you want metrics that can tell you if your staff are engaged…or if they are not, and why. WCA can identify valuable information regarding the current staff culture through a range of survey tools:

A simple, short online survey, which can be forwarded to all staff on a six monthly, quarterly, or more regular basis, providing the organisation with a quick and easy company climate “check-in”.

A comprehensive customised online survey that draws from a range of established survey tools, such as the Gallup Q12, to assess company values, culture and/or specific strategies. The survey enables you to evaluate and compare key staff demographic ratings within your organisation such as seniority, department, location, years of service and/or role.

Performance Management

There is a popular move away from formal performance management systems yet when you delve more deeply all organisations, large and small still have and need an informal or formal system to track and provide feedback to employees on their progress.  WCA will create a customised system to suit your business and and train your staff and management in best practice techniques.

Remuneration & Bonuses

It is important to keep in touch with the market and benchmark salaries against similar roles and organisations. WCA provides current and relevant data and tailors retention strategies to your business, such as bonus schemes to drive sales or motivate a team to work together.

Exit Processes

Obtaining and accurately assessing exit information is useful in understanding why staff choose to leave. WCA can customise processes, complete exit interviews as an independent third party, and collate statistical information simply for the organisation.

Case study

WCA completed a culture survey for a mid-tier Accounting practice. Whilst better than expected results were reported by most staff demographics across the firm, poor results were recorded in relation to remuneration and reward.  Having highlighted these key metrics, remuneration disparity was rectified. WCA provides bi-annual remuneration benchmarking data to the firm and implemented policies and procedures to support continued flexible work practices.

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