Enquire, understand and minimise your industrial relations risks.

Navigating the world of industrial relations and the Fair Work Act can be a minefield without the right knowledge and experience.

Are your human resources and industrial relations systems and process:

  • Legally compliant?
  • Accessible and easy to use?
  • Efficient and fit for purpose?
  • Reviewed regularly?
  • Aligned with current best practice?

Typically organisations develop systems and process organically over time, implementing them as they go. Often they are unwieldly for staff and management to navigate risking mismanagement and or inequities noticed by staff.

WCA can ensure your organisation’s systems and process are current, compliant and efficient by conducting an HR Audit ranging from a simple desktop audit to a comprehensive review incorporating on-line surveys with all employees through to detailed interviews with key senior staff to determine organisational capabilities and future requirements.

Case study

A Western Australian tourism business faced challenges determining minimum pay rates under the Modern Awards and sought to find a win-win scenario to pay staff appropriately without sending the business broke in penalty and overtime rates. WCA was able to assess Award requirements and recommend revised rostering to enable the business to operate profitably and remunerate and retain key staff.

WCA currently assists our clients with the following key compliance challenges:

  • Wage rates;
  • Award and agreement interpretation and/ or negotiation as required;
  • Employee minimum entitlements;
  • Redundancy advice, calculations and outplacement assistance;
  • Performance counselling and termination;
  • Absenteeism and attendance management;
  • Equal opportunity, bullying and harassment;
  • Unfair dismissals;
  • Workplace grievances and investigations; and
  • Workplace policies and procedures.

Case study

A small private Perth business sought to terminate the services of long standing senior sales employee who had lost the drive and motivation to perform to previous levels.  WCA was able to advise owners and management of the best approach and assist them to negotiate a positive outcome so both the owners and the employee parted amicably and with dignity and avoiding unnecessary antagonism, legal claims and excessive pay-outs.

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