Callum Thomas

  • Bachelor of Commerce, University of Western Australia (2019)
  • Majors in Management and Marketing

Career Summary

Callum began working at WCA after completing his Bachelor of Commerce at the University of Wester Australia. Prior to joining WCA, Callum was employed by Lawley’s Bakery as a Marketing Officer and Assistant Store Manager.

In his recent HR roles, Callum has gained specific HR experience in:

  • Conducting recruitment and selection for a wide range of roles including: writing job advertisements; screening applicants; conducting telephone interviews; and completing pre-employment checks.
  • Preparing job descriptions to incorporate objectives and measures (KPIs) for the role in order to meet organisational requirements.
  • Liaising with clients, internal stakeholders and Fair Work Australia to provide advice and information in relation to the Fair Work Act, Modern Awards, and National Employment Standard entitlements.
  • Conducting HR audits including reviewing documentation to ensure compliance with Fair Work Act and alignment with best practice.
  • Developing policies and procedures in accordance with the Fair Work Act.
  • Preparing employment contracts.
  • Industrial Relations calculations.

Besides working for Lawley’s Bakery, Callum was also a Level 2 Touch Football WA Referee and a Water Polo referee. In these roles Callum developed strong communication skills and leadership qualities.  Enforcing the rules and regulations for both sports and giving back to the community.

Clients Callum has worked with during his time at WCA include:

  • Mercedes Construction;
  • Linear Clinical Research;
  • Pascoe Partner Accountants;
  • Databee Business Systems;
  • Cooper Partners; and
  • DTI Group.