Case Study: Queensland Government Procurement

WCA was initially approached by a Queensland Government Department to improve the approach, effectiveness and accountability of their procurement function across the state. A core development committee was established in 2015 to re-engage stakeholders and review existing practices.  The resulting report, tabled and endorsed by the Queensland Government recommended the development of a new operating model and organisational design for procurement throughout the QLD Public Service.

WCA was appointed as the Change Manager to develop and implement an overarching change management strategy and plan to enable endorsement and adoption of the proposed changes, and ensure effective risk management strategies were included in the change process.

Having delivered the overarching Change Management Strategy in February 2016, WCA then delivered a Change Management Plan in the form of a practical tool designed to enable the achievement of the project vision and objectives by:

  • Identifying and applying an appropriate structured methodology and leading the design of change management activities;
  • Developing and recommending the application of change management processes and tools to support adoption of the changes required by the overall program and its component projects or initiatives;
  • Identifying and recommending appropriate application of relevant change levers, or enablers, throughout the change process; and
  • Ensuring mechanisms to assess the efficacy and success of the implemented changes are identified/ recommended throughout the process, to effect change impact analyses.

The project scope and the key stakeholders changed significantly over the course of the project and WCA was able to provide the flexibility to adapt to the evolving environment and requirements.

WCA continues to enjoy a good working relationship with a number of the key project stakeholders and provides support through the provision of strategic professional advice where requested.





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