Recruitment Service Saves Client $25,000

This case study highlights the qualifiable value outcome achieved through the hourly rate model vs the success fee model, which has continued to significantly save costs for our clients and provide additional value.

WCA Solutions’ recruitment services were engaged by a Mining Geochemical company, with a global reputation in the mineral processing industry (the client).

The client sought to fill a Senior Executive vacancy. Based on the traditional recruitment fee structure, the client would have paid a placement fee of approximately $28,000 to $40,000. However, WCA Solutions provided the client with the option to choose between an hourly rate or a success fee structure. The client opted for the hourly rate model, resulting in a different approach to delivering recruitment services.

Hourly Rate Engagement

WCA Solutions provided the client with a transparent breakdown of the services and costs associated with the hourly rate engagement.

The services provided included
  1. Interview Guides: WCA Solutions developed customised interview guides to ensure consistency and effectiveness in candidate evaluations, in alignment with the position description.
  2. Candidate screening: WCA Solutions screened applicants to assess their alignment qualifications, skills, and cultural fit in line with the position requirements and company.
  3. Interviewing: The client conducted interviews with shortlisted candidates, further evaluating their compatibility with the position and company culture.
  4. Administrative Support: WCA Solutions offered administrative assistance throughout the recruitment process, handling logistics, documentation, and communication.
  5. Reference Checks: WCA Solutions carried out reference checks across all shortlisted candidates as a further measure to gain greater insight into their position and cultural fit.
  6. Psychometric Assessment: WCA Solutions organised the administration of psychometric assessments to measure the shortlisted candidates’ personality traits, cognitive abilities, and job-related skills.
  7. Remuneration Benchmarking: WCA Solutions conducted thorough research to determine appropriate remuneration benchmarks for the role, considering market trends and industry standards.
  8. Employment Contract Administration: WCA Solutions facilitated the process of drafting and administering the employment contract for the successful candidate.
Quantifiable Value Outcome

Under the hourly rate engagement, the total cost incurred by the client for the recruitment services amounted to $8,000.

This figure included all the aforementioned services provided by WCA Solutions. By opting for the hourly rate model, the client saved $25,000 compared to the traditional placement fee structure.

Analysis and Conclusion

This case study demonstrates the qualifiable value outcome achieved through WCA Solutions’ hourly rate engagement model in recruitment. By breaking down the recruitment process into specific services, the client benefited from cost savings while still receiving comprehensive and effective support from our qualified HR and Recruitment experts.

In this particular scenario, the client saved approximately $25,000, while securing a high-quality candidate for the position.

This case study highlights WCA Solutions’ capability to deliver exceptional talent acquisition solutions, using its rigorous recruitment process, which delivered cost-effective recruitment support without compromising on quality.


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