Why choose an HR Consultant for your business

You don’t build a business – you build people – and then people build the business.” Zig Ziglar

An organisation is like an engine and if you have the right components which are finely tuned, they are doing their job in the best and most efficient way, leading to optimal performance.

A happy employee will offer the best service to customers. They will go the extra mile to be an advocate for your business and, according to Oxford University, will be 13% more productive. If they feel valued and appreciated, they will also be more likely to stay in your business. O C Tanner research identified that 79% of people who left their job did so due to lack of appreciation.

So, for Humans to be more than just a Resource, it is essential to create a culture and environment that supports and invests in its people. Businesses that implement the right framework to support and encourage developing their people will reap the rewards and long-term success.

So you need HR… but if it’s so important why would you outsource?


If you are a new or growing business, your business will require Human Resources and Industrial Relations knowledge and capability in peaks and troughs, which can be difficult to predict. It is costly to appoint an HR resource in-house, even on a part-time basis.

An HR Consultancy provides you with a more efficient and cost effective option, providing on-demand resourcing to meet business needs – hourly, ad-hoc, or on a committed retained basis.

Full range of expertise

HR/IR is broad and complex, from legislative compliance, to developing and implementing a positive culture. When engaging a consultancy, you gain access to multiple professionals with specialist skills and experience across all aspects of HR and industrial relations.

We have all seen the terrible stories in the news of wage theft by large companies. HR Consultants are abreast of any legislative change and can ensure that businesses are compliant with relevant awards and legislation, which reduces the risk for you, the employer.

An HR Consultancy can assist with the ad hoc day-to-day people issues through to the strategic direction for the business.

Fast and effective issue resolution

Sometimes people issues can arise out of the blue and be complex to manage. The ability to reach out to expertise at the end of the phone can be invaluable in addressing conflict or managing performance on a timely basis and assuring employee wellbeing throughout the process.

Best practice

HR Consultants can ensure that you have the most up to date policies and procedures in place that are best practice for your industry, helping to create a safe, compliant and transparent workplace for all employees.

They can introduce you to the latest tools and technology, such as a comprehensive performance management system with regular reviews to provide a measurable way of assessing performance against targets and drive employee engagement to deliver on business goals. Perhaps your business would benefit from a recruitment screening tool to efficiently provide quality applications? Or a comprehensive Employee Assistance Program to support your team when they need it most.

The benefit of a new and independent perspective

Oftentimes, business owners can be caught up in the day-to-day and don’t have the opportunity to step back and review people management processes. An HR Consultant can offer a fresh and different perspective, freeing up the business owner to do what they do best. They are also independent, so that staff and management are supported with sound impartial advice.

External Training/ Culture Support

HR Consultants can design and tailor training programs to support business needs. Incorporating training into the people development strategy is a great way to retain people as they feel valued and that the business is investing in them and their future.

Independent staff engagement and culture surveys can assist management to understand whether they are fostering a culture for growth and 360 Leadership Surveys can provide rounded feedback for managers on areas for development.

Personalised recruitment process

When it comes to recruitment, an HR Consultancy will take the time to understand the business need, assisting with job descriptions, recruitment advertising and best practice selection processes.

For recruitment, a good consultancy will charge for hours worked, as opposed to a fixed salary percentage charged by a recruitment agency, which can offer a significant cost saving. They are also driven by finding the best fit for your organisation, as opposed to revenue or conversion targets.

Why WCA Solutions?

HR is complex – people issues are our business. We support small to medium organisations identify and deal with all of the people risks within their business which allows them to focus on what they do best.

WCA Solutions partners with small to medium organisations, as one of their team to understand their business and provide employment management advice and support.

WCA Solutions offers a range of services with broad scale expertise across a variety of industries and have a reputation of being the HR experts on whom small to medium business operators can rely.

Contact us today if you would like to chat with an HR expert and discover how WCA Solutions can assist you and your business.



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