Navigating Unfair Dismissal Claims for Employers

An application for an unfair dismissal remedy can be dismissed by the Fair Work Commission for several reasons: the application is not made in accordance with the Fair Work Act; the applicant refuses to respond to directions or attend a conference or hearing; the application is frivolous or vexatious, or the application has no reasonable […]

Fair Work Cracks Down on Unlawful Job Advertisements

As part of a number of recent changes to employment laws and regulations, job advertisements will be under the spotlight, with the changes applied retrospectively from 7 January 2023. Under the changes, job advertisements will no longer be permitted to include pay rates that breach the Fair Work Act or a fair work instrument such […]

Australia introduces new laws to combat pay secrecy and promote wage equality

Effective 7 December 2022, legislation changes have resulted in significant changes to the issue of pay secrecy and how it is managed within employment contracts and in the workplace. Those changes will grant all employees, including future employees, the right to choose whether or not they share information about their pay and employment terms and […]