WHS strategy delivers fantastic results to our mining client

Our bespoke WHS strategy delivers fantastic results to our mining client. WCA Solutions is proud to announce a major milestone achievement in its workplace health and safety strategy. By delivering a comprehensive WHS framework for a mining client, WCA Solutions has proven its capability and commitment to providing industry-leading safety solutions.┬áThe successful implementation of this […]

Employers Guide to Workplace Health & Safety Systems

We are often asked by our clients what Workplace Health and Safety systems and processes they need to have in place. Here are 10 steps employers can take to ensure they have compliant workplace health and safety systems and processes in place. Develop and implement a comprehensive health and safety management system that complies with […]

Secure Jobs Better Pay 2023

The end of 2022 saw a number of changes in employment legislation go through, some of which took effect immediately. We have outlined these important changes and will be bringing them to you in posts over the coming days. WCA Solutions encourage you to read them and reach out to our HR Team if you […]