Capital Partners – breaking the volunteering status quo

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Charmaine Lamprecht is the Operations Manager at Capital Partners and was a feature panelist at WCA’s Think Tank  event in February, which focused on the benefits to business of community service.

Capital Partners is breaking status quo by allowing Charmaine to spend time each week volunteering at Kanyana Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre, caring for sick, injured or orphaned animals.

Charmaine has volunteered at a series of different organisations throughout the years, including teaching English to primary school children in Nepal in 2005, working as a field guide and wildlife monitoring in South Africa in 2010, and working with lion conservationists in Zambia in 2011.

Closer to home, Charmaine volunteered at The Perth Zoo as a Docent – an ‘edutainment’ role that included giving informal talks about animals, conducting group tours on foot and providing general visitor assistance.

At her most recent role at Kanyana, Charmaine is a shift supervisor where she works with a team of like-minded volunteers to care for and treat injured, sick or orphaned wildlife. Kanyana is open 365 days per year and has approximately 2500 admissions annually. Daily tasks include preparing food, feeding, cleaning enclosures, providing enrichment, assessing injuries and providing necessary treatment to the animals.

Charmaine is genuinely appreciative of the support given by Capital Partners so that she can volunteer for causes meaningful to her.

“Learning to manage volunteers from all walks of life and at different skill and experience levels has made me a much better leader,” she said. “I am able to bring the skills I learn through my volunteering back into the business.”

Charmaine is allowed the freedom to manage her own workload whilst committing to Kanyana. This approach to work flexibility and management has created an incredibly loyal and committed employee.

Heather Warner, WCA Solutions Principal, praised the idea.

“Many businesses are concerned that allowing regular volunteering time can distract their employees, but in fact, it has quite the opposite effect,” she said. “In my experience, I’ve seen that they’ll appreciate you for it, and often work harder to return your favour.”

Research findings support the idea that allowing your employees to actively engage with their own levels of social responsibility instead of just writing a cheque has been highly beneficial. Research from Operation Warmth, a volunteer organization, discovered “70 per cent of employees would be more loyal to a company that provides the opportunity to make an impact on social and environmental issues, and that spikes up to 83 per cent when you talk about Millennials.”

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