Outsourced HR – protecting your most important assets

The ability to source experienced, professional staff on a tight budget can be a challenge for many small to medium businesses. In focussing on core business needs, other elements of the workplace can be compromised, including human resources (HR).

Utilising outsourced HR services can therefore provide both a cost-effective and impartial independent solution for business owners looking to provide high quality HR support to their staff.

Outsourced HR covers all bases

Perth HR specialist Heather Warner, principal of WCA Solutions, said the range of services available often comes as a surprise.

“Outsourced HR teams can manage everything from screening CVs and recruitment to complex industrial relations matters, investigating a grievance or developing employment contracts,” Heather said.

“Our clients value the ability to provide their staff with an impartial and independent sounding board, which can often resolve a problem before becoming a grievance”

Cost-effective HR

One of the key benefits of utilising outsourced HR services is that businesses have access to experienced professionals as well as recent graduates and junior staff – thereby providing a cost-effective solution because consultation can be tailored to the level of support needed by the business.

“Workplace practices and legislation and industrial relations laws can change rapidly. Outsourced HR specialists remain on top of key developments across various industries and can work with existing HR teams to ensure businesses don’t accidentally find themselves in trouble.”

Available outsourced HR services

Key services that can be undertaken by an outsourced HR team include:

  • Recruitment
  • Staff training
  • Industrial relations compliance
  • Performance management
  • Pay reviews
  • Change management
  • CV screening
  • Policy & procedure reviews and implementation
  • Mentor programs

“Outsourced HR professionals can ‘embed’ themselves in your workplace or they can be based offsite,” Heather explains.

“Outsourced HR provides businesses with the time and expertise they don’t otherwise have, with access to highly experienced and knowledgeable consultants who work together to enhance and protect your businesses most important asset – its people.”

For more information on outsourced HR services, phone WCA Solutions on +61 8 9383 3293 or email admin@wcasolutions.com.