2018 Recruitment Trends

May 2018

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In 2020 up to 60% of the workforce will be millennials so older generations must learn different approaches to effectively recruit and retain Millennials. Heather joined AnneMarie Cross on her podcast to share:

• 2018 Recruitment trends for businesses – large and small
• Innovation and Technology (AI) in recruitment – what’s the latest?
• The right approach to recruit Millennials

Take a listen here.

Pink Stumps Day 2018

February 2018

IMG_3592Heather and Sarah spoke with Tim Gossage at 6iX Perth on Wednesday 28 February about WCA’s upcoming Pink Stumps Day with Linear Clinical Research.


How to manage and prevent poor performance

December 2017

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Heather is back with Annemarie Cross from Business Women Australia to discuss the very tricky subject of how to manage and prevent poor performance. Click here to listen.




Beware of the silly season

October 2017

Heather Warner 6ix

Heather and Alex recently spoke to Tim Gossage at Perth’s 6iX about the perils of the office Christmas party and what employers can do to ensure they don’t end up as front page news. Click below to listen to the interview now.

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Minimum wage & awards essentials

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WCA Principal Heather Warner speaks with Business Women Australia about minimum wage and awards essentials. Click here to listen.