HR Hot Topics

HR Hot Topics

October 2017 – Sexual Harassment

Is your sexual harassment policy and procedure up to date and would your staff and management know how to apply it if they ever had to?

Recent weeks have see the issue of sexual assault on the workplace take centre stage in the media. The case of Channel 7 cadet journalist Amy Taeuber was first aired on the 7.30 Report after the ABC program obtained an audio recording between Taeuber and Channel 7’s human resources team.

Unacceptable behaviour

In Hollywood, film producer Harvey Weinstein has been accused by more than three dozen women of sexual abuse and harassment. The revelations sparked a global movement on social media, where people who have experienced sexual harassment and abuse tagged their stories #metoo. The phrase has since been used more than 200,000 times.

Meanwhile, back in Australia journalist Tracey Spicer also shone the light on workplace sexual harassment in the media and entertainment industry, saying she has collected evidence of 40 well-known men who she says are guilty of inappropriate conduct.

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