The pitfalls of Christmas

Having a few key strategies in place before diving into the office Christmas party is a good idea for every organisation, says leading HR consultant Heather Warner.

Heather, principal of WCA Solutions, and consultant Alexandra (Alex) Hu recently spoke to Tim Gossage of 6iX radio about the potential pitfalls of the office Christmas party.

“I would definitely say there are some regrets in the morning, particularly for those who like to have a few,” Alex said.

“The number one thing to remember is the culture of the workplace…and then keeping in mind it’s always good to have some definite policies and procedures and a code of conduct in place to guide employees’ behaviour.”

Listen to the full interview here.

The WCA Solutions team will be discussing this topic further at its upcoming Think Tank event at 5.30pm on Wednesday 8 November.

WCA Think Tank is a short, interactive session on key HR topics, with past events covering trust in the workplace, how to create a culture of engagement and tips on what to do about toxic employees.

Alex will be leading next week’s session, which will look at key current cases that are guiding key policies and procedures for businesses to put in place for the silly season, and beyond.

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