Are you ready to be less reactive and more planned with your human resources?

Operating since 2000, our team has gained extensive expertise across all required areas from organisational development, restructuring and change management, through to strategic industrial relations and human resource management.

Case Study

National Project Management Firm

WCA has supported and assisted this national project management firm over the past 12 years and has seen the company grow from an initial team of approximately 5 staff to the group now operating nationally across multiple offices with a team of close to 50 staff.

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What does strategic human resource management accomplish?

The tiny online business, the global corporation…all organisations are made up of at least some people. Strategic HRM or a People & Culture Strategy will help your organisation achieve your big dreams through your people.

The strategic human resource management process starts by determining your broader organisational objectives and then assessing:

  • Where you are now (the current status of your people and culture through a Deep Dive Audit)
  • Where do you want to be – your people and culture objectives; and
  • How will you get there – your HR or People and culture strategy.

Do you want to: increase sales by 50%, expand to new geographic locations, or enable the CEO & founder to retire in 5 years. WCA will help you get there with a plan such as an aggressive recruitment program coupled with an internal training program, or perhaps by developing a succession plan for key senior leaders in the business.

We’ve built a future-oriented process of developing and implementing HR programs that directly address major long-term business objectives. That might include job analysis and job design; workforce planning, upskilling and succession planning; as well as labour and management relations.

Who needs to be involved in designing the strategy?

The CEO/MD, Executives, Managers and in some cases the Board.

What access do you require to my files and administration tools?

Files and documentation can provide insight into an organisation but many organisations have significant policy and procedure that staff don’t know where and how to access and don’t use, in our HR Audits we explore not only the documentation but if and how it is used by the team.

Is Strategic HRM the same as ‘restructuring’?

Restructuring is a part of strategic human resource management. Changing the organisational structure (restructuring) is often required to meet market, industry or world changes such as a global pandemic. WCA has supported many businesses restructure in response to growth or decline, including anything from the amalgamation of two small teams through to the major merger of two separate organisations.

What timescale is required to implement strategic human resource management plans?

For a small business, the design and introduction of a strategic human resource management plan may only be a few weeks.  However, depending upon the business culture and the HRM plan requirements, full implementation may take a number of months.

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