Do you want to know you are paying and meeting your minimum legislative requirements?

We’re dedicated to maintaining up-to-the-minute knowledge and providing practical interpretations of the Fair Work Act 2009, Modern Awards, Workers’ Compensation and Equal Employment HR legislation, to minimise your risk and ensure you meet all your obligations.

Our Process


Step 1

Discuss with your industrial relations consultant about areas of potential areas of risk within your organisation.


Step 2

Your industrial relations consultant will review your organisation’s employment contracts and policies in the context of current legislation.


Step 3

Ensure HR compliance by updating employment contracts, policies and procedures, alongside training and internal awareness campaigns with a WCA implementation plan.

Case Study

Popular WA Hospitality Venue

WCA was initially engaged by this popular hospitality organisation to provide a program of strategic and specialist training and coaching for the management team employed across their multiple locations in 2002/2003.

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What HR compliance qualifications does WCA Solutions hold?

The WCA team have tertiary qualifications, and consultants have extensive Federal and State Industrial Relations knowledge and experience, and we ensure we remain up to date through a range of reputable subscriptions and weekly in-house and/or external professional development.

Do you have a legal team to advise on key HR compliance issues?

A number of our Senior Consultants have over 35 years of IR experience and we use a bank of trusted Employment Lawyers to assist or verify more complex matters.

Can WCA Solutions draw up employment contracts and termination agreements?

Yes, WCA completes this work for most of our clients. We assess your IR needs such as what Award covers your employees and and then draft relevant and complaint employment contract templates for each award and situation (ie full time, part-time, fixed term or casual).

Clients also often contact us to assist in managing the complex process of termination and will prepare warning letters, termination communication and/or a Deed of Release, if required.

How often should I review my HR processes and IR systems?

We recommend reviewing core compliance documentation at  least annually against relevant awards, regulations & other legislation to ensure you keep on top of your obligations.

How long does an HR/IR or People & Culture Audit take?

The length of the audit depends on the purpose of the audit – our cheat sheet below summarises the purpose and duration for each of our WCA audits.

WCA Desktop Audit 

  • Is our documentation compliant?
  • Typical duration: 3 weeks

WCA Core Audit 

  • Is our documentation compliant and do our staff understand and use it?
  • Typical duration: 4 weeks

WCA Deep Dive

  • What is our current status and what people and culture infrastructure do we need to put in place now, to support our future plans?
  • Typical duration: 6 weeks
  • What is included:
    • Current documents, forms & templates
    • Simple HR/IR Survey of all staff
    • Interviews with selected staff

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