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Workplace Health and Safety (WHS) refers not only to the physical working environment and the equipment used in the workplace but also to the mental health of employees. Thereby, it is integral that workplaces have WHS policies and procedures implemented that protect employees with regard to these two factors.
That is where WCA Solutions comes in. We believe that a safe workplace is the type of environment where employees feel protected from physical hazards but also feel supported with their mental health and well-being. With years of experience in the industry, we have a plethora of tried and true WHS policies and procedures that can be customised to suit the industry and the business type.
To assist our clients in ensuring the safest and most productive workplace possible, our staff adopt an integrative approach to our WHS consultancy solutions. We will collaborate with you to develop policies and procedures that are not only in line with legislative requirements and relative industry benchmarks but are also customised to your business type and structure.

WHS Compliance

We pride ourselves in delivering pragmatic and best-practice workplace health and safety services that you can trust, to support your organisation to reduce workplace risks to create a safe safe working environment for your people.
With over 20 years of international experience in the Oil & Gas, Mining, and Resources industry, Workplace Consulting Australia (WCA Solutions) are experts in conducting Health & Safety auditing, investigations, building & implementing Workplace Health & Safety (WHS) systems, policies, and procedures; and delivering the training necessary to ensure your business is compliant with all legislative requirements, industry benchmarks and a safety first culture is developed amongst your people.
Whether you are an operator of an onshore, or offshore Oil & Gas facility, an operator of a Mine Mine site, a contractor supporting these industries, or any other industry in fact, we can assist. Our Health & Safety experts are Australian educated and trained, with international experience, across a plethora of industries including Subsea, Offshore, Onshore Oil & Gas, Mining, Medical, Hospitality, Manufacturing, and Agriculture.
We have ensured that all our WHS Framework, policies, procedures, and training are readily adaptable to various businesses and industry types. Our Health & Safety team will work with you to provide strategic WHS solutions that are tailored to the needs of your business whilst remaining legally compliant.

Our Process

Step 1

The first step entails a 30-minute initial consultation wherein you will be in contact with one of our expert WHS consultants to discuss our health and safety services and the needs of your business.

Step 2

Our staff will collaborate with you to Assess, Build or Implement fit-for-purpose WHS solutions to the needs of your business.

Step 3

We will work with you to support the change you need to build the safety culture you desire in your business including communicating any WHS policies and procedural changes to your staff.

Case Study

Queensland Government Procurement

WCA was appointed as the Change Manager to develop and implement an overarching change management strategy and plan to enable endorsement and adoption of the proposed changes, and ensure effective risk management strategies were included in the change process.

Frequently Asked Questions

Beneath theĀ Occupational Safety and Health Act 1984, business owners and employers obtain a duty of care to all employers to ensure their safety whilst working on their premises.

A WHS consultant is an individual who is specially trained and extensively experienced in the area of health and safety in the workplace. As a result, WHS consultants can provide expert solutions on how to improve workplace health and safety.
There is no difference between Workplace Health and Safety (WHS) and Occupational Health and Safety (OHS). Both terms refer to the safety of employees working on-site or for the company.
There are many benefits to outsourced health and safety services that extend beyond improving your workplace health and safety. Hiring a company that not only specialises in but has years of experience in providing WHS consultancy services can allow you to rest assured the solutions are reliable and effective.

It is best practice to review company WHS policies and procedures practices annually or when:

  • There are changes to:
    • Legislative requirements
    • Internal business practices
    • Premises of the business
  • An incident occurs on company time and/or premises