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WCA Solutions is proudly Western Australian-owned and operated since 2001. WCA Solutions is a Business Management, Human Resources, and Health and Safety consulting firm, headquartered in central West Perth.

Formally known as Warner Consulting Australia, WCA Solutions has built an enviable reputation for delivering quantifiable outcomes for its clients across a range of industries.

WCA Solutions delivers a range of consulting services including Business Management and Commercial, Strategy & Planning, Human Resources, Health and Safety, and Leadership Development to various national and international companies operating in the Asia Pacific Region.


What Our Clients Say

WCA Solutions are exceptional

Our Services

Strategy Development
Accelerate your organisations growth & innovation plans. Supporting organisations to answer the “Why, What, How, and When. Develop and link your long-term vision with short term strategic plans.
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Leadership Development
WCA Solutions delivers leadership development programs which accelerate the confidence and capabilities of current and emerging leaders.
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Leadership Coaching
WCA Solutions offers 360 leadership assessments, development planning, coaching and mentoring for business and people leaders across Australia.
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Team Development
Maximise employee productivity and performance and overcome unhealthy conflict and silos. Your team will learn how to develop into a High Performing Team through practicing the required competencies together.
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Outsourced HR & HSE Team
WCA Solutions provides outsourced Human Resources and Health & Safety support to Australian business owners and operators nationally.
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Health and Safety Consulting Services
WCA Solutions is an innovative and proactive workplace safety consultancy firm located in West Perth, providing comprehensive and reliable health and safety services to small to large business operators and owners in Western Australia
+61 8 9383 3293
Human Resources & Safety Audits
WCA Solutions are experts in conducting HR & WHS Audits to support your organisation achieve the standards necessary to operate, compete and grow in your market segment.
+61 8 9383 3293
HR Compliance
WCA Solutions supports business owners and operators reduce their people risks by ensuring their Human Resources practices are compliant with Fair Work Australia.
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WHS Compliance
WCA Solutions supports business owners and operators reduce their people risks by ensuring their Workplace Health & Safety practices are compliant with the Workplace Health and Safety Act.
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Recruitment Services
WCA Solutions are your trusted local recruitment agency in Perth, providing a range of temporary and permanent recruitment solutions for small to medium-sized businesses.
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Investigations & Mediaton
WCA Solutions are experts in conducting invesitgations into employee grievances, safety incidents, and mediation to resolve disputes.
+61 8 9383 3293
Real-Time Assistance
WCA Solutions is your go-to partner for addressing immediate HR and WHS concerns, providing swift and effective solutions for small to medium-sized businesses.
+61 8 9383 3293
Confidential Support
Our experienced team handles time-sensitive and confidential people risks, supporting businesses with effective solutions to navigate challenges.
+61 8 9383 3293
Flexible Delivery Options
We give our clients flexibility to engage our team on a project or retained basis, allowing us to adapt to your specific needs and requirements for HR and WHS support.
+61 8 9383 3293
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We Are Local

HR & OHS services delivered at your office or remotely from West Perth.

People Experts

Our team are best in class HR & OH&S experts with decades of local and international experience.

You Can Trust

We provide pragmatic and fit for purpose HR and OHS support and advice that you can trust.

On Your Terms

We deliver HR and WHS services on a project, retained basis or adhoc basis subject to their needs.

Latest News &

WCA Solutions latest news and insights into HR and WHS best practice and changes. Follow us on LinkedIn, Facebook or sign up to our news letter to be kept up to date with the latest information to help you make informed decisions about your people risks.

Frequently Asked Questions

Workplace Consulting Australia Pty Ltd (WCA Solutions) Safety & Human Resources experts deliver quantifiable Compliance, Controls and Culture outcomes for Australian business owners and operate safe, fair and compliant workplaces.

Since 2001, WCA Solutions has supported Australian and international business owners and operators reduce their people risks by ensuring their Human Resources and Workplace Health & Safety practices and controls are compliant with legislation and laws.

Our team of Human Resources and Workplace Health & Safety experts deliver the full spectrum of Human Resources and Workplace Health & Safety services, remotely or in person at our clients’ premises. We support many small to medium business operators to deal with time-sensitive and confidential people risks and challenges.

We deliver our services subject to our client’s budgets and preference, retained or project basis. Services include Employee Management support, Workplace Health & Safety support, Recruitment support or a combination of all three.

WCA Solutions team of HR, WHS and Recruitment experts will support you to ensure your workplace is Compliant, we will build & implement fit for purpose Controls to keep you compliant and will help you build the Culture your business needs to succeed.

Our team of Human Resources and Workplace Health & Safety experts deliver the full spectrum of Human Resources and Workplace Health & Safety support, remotely or in-person subject to where our clients need us.

The WCA Solutions head office is located in the heart of West Perth, Western Australia and have available experts in most major cities across Australia.

You will have a dedicated HR, WHS or Recruitment expert who will get to know you and your business.

You will have access to a range best practice resources, tools, strategic and transactional HR professionals at reduced rates, to manage ongoing HR, WHS and Recruitment needs.

Your dedicated HR & WHS team will provide:

  • Outsourced HR & WHS delivery and support.
  • WHS and HR experience and support that can be scaled up as the business requires.
  • The breadth of HR & WHS experience across specialties.
  • Strategic planning for HR & WHS risk mitigation.
  • Team of HR & WHS professionals with a wealth of knowledge, tools, and access to best practices.
  • Access to WCA Solutions Industrial Relations experts.
  • Access to WCA Solutions HR and Safety investigators.
  • Access to WCA Solutions legal support.
  • Be kept up to date and supported with FairWork and Health & Safety legislation changes.
  • Be assured you are paying your people correctly.

WCA Solutions obtains the majority of its work from word of mouth and a reputation that has been built by Directors Bernard Mackin and Debbie Mackin who are industry experts in their respective fields. You can check both of our Directors out of LinkedIn to be confident about their experience and credibility.

You will also receive contact information of clients we have worked with, at the CEO level who you may contact and speak with directly about our experience and support.

Give us a call on 08 9383 3293 or send us an enquiry via our Contact page and one of our team will be in touch.

WCA Solutions is our trading name for Workplace Consulting Australia Pty Ltd.