HR Compliance

Minimise your risk with sound, practical advice from a qualified industrial relations consultant.

HR can be complex.
People issues are our business.

WCA Solutions supports business owners and operators reduce their people risks by ensuring their Human Resources and Workplace Health & Safety practices are compliant with Fair Work Australia, and the Workplace Health and Safety Act.

Compliant Employment Contracts

Turn to our consultants who collectively have more than 150 years’ experience working under the various Australian industrial relations state and federal systems. We develop concise and compliant employment contracts to protect your best interests.
WCA Solutions are experts in interpreting the Fair Work Act, State legislation, Modern Awards that apply to your business. WCA Solutions can quickly determine the rates and entitlements you should be paying your employees, and develop concise and compliant employment contracts you can rely on.

Free help for WA business owners with your Fair Work issues and questions

Call our team of Perth-based human resources experts. We give free initial advice to business owners about their responsibilities and rights under the Fair Work Act.

Ask us anything. Tell us your concerns. It’s entirely confidential. We’re here to help you get back to business. Proudly independent. We are not affiliated with any software or with the Australian Government.
Call our team of Perth-based Human Resources experts for support now for a free confidential chat about the staff problem you are dealing with. We are here to help!

HR & WHS Policies & Procedures

It is important that employers have key Human Resources and Workplace Health & Safety policies and procedures in place that are compliant with legislative requirements, as well as relevant industry benchmarks.
WCA Solutions have a suite of core HR and WHS policies and procedures that can be adapted, adopted, and implemented to establish a framework of standards to guide employees and reduce your people risks. Once developed, we assist our clients to communicate the framework and engage their employees to align the workforce and provide an opportunity for any clarification.

Are you paying your employees correctly?

WCA Solutions completes confidential wage reconciliations for our clients to ensure they are paying their employees in line or above the minimum requirements of the relevant Award. Our HR experts are proficient at conducting “Better Off Overall Tests” for clients to identify any shortfalls or overpayments.
Get the peace of mind that you are paying your employees correctly, regardless of how many years or how employees or the payroll and roster records are maintained; get in contact with us today, and we will help you regain the control and confidence you need to make valuable remuneration decisions.

Do you know what your HR/ IR Risks are?

Employment law has become more complex. Know that you are doing the right thing for your employees. Are your human resources and industrial relations systems and processes:
To identify the all people risks and priorities, and inform an HR Management Plan, WCA Solutions conducts an HR/IR Audit. Depending on the nature and size of the organisation, WCA Solutions offers a few different levels of HR Audits, all aimed to provide you with a roadmap to compliance and reduce your people risks.

People Risks Advisory Services

Many of our senior staff have over 30 years experience working under various Australian industrial relations state and federal systems. WCA assists our clients with key compliance challenges:
Many of our senior staff have over 30 years’ experience working under various Australian industrial relations state and federal systems.

Our Process

Step 1

Schedule an initial 30-minute consultation with one of our Human Resources or Workplace Health & Safety experts to discuss your people risks within your organisation.

Step 2

We will provide you with options that meet your budget and schedule to reduce your people risks.

Step 3

WCA Solutions will ensure you have access to an expert team of HR and WHS professionals to support you focus on what you do best by taking care of your HR and WHS compliance risks.

Case Study

Popular WA Hospitality Venue

WCA was initially engaged by this popular hospitality organisation to provide a program of strategic and specialist training and coaching for the management team employed across their multiple locations in 2002/2003.

Frequently Asked Questions

The WCA team have tertiary qualifications, and consultants have extensive Federal and State Industrial Relations knowledge and experience and we ensure we remain up to date through a range of reputable subscriptions and weekly in-house and/or external professional development.
Collectively, the WCA Solutions HR and WHS experts have more than 150 years of local experience. We are the HR and WHS Experts you can trust.
Yes, WCA completes this work for most of our clients. We assess your IR needs such as what Award covers your employees and and then draft relevant and complaint employment contract templates for each award and situation (ie full time, part-time, fixed term or casual).

Clients also often contact us to assist in managing the complex process of termination and will prepare warning letters, termination communication and/or a Deed of Release, if required.
We recommend reviewing core compliance documentation at least annually against relevant awards, regulations & other legislation to ensure you keep on top of your obligations.

The length of the audit depends on the purpose of the audit – our cheat sheet below summarises the purpose and duration for each of our WCA audits.

WCA Desktop Audit 

  • Is our documentation compliant?
  • Typical duration: 3 weeks

WCA Core Audit 

  • Is our documentation compliant and do our staff understand and use it?
  • Typical duration: 4 weeks

WCA Deep Dive

  • What is our current status and what people and culture infrastructure do we need to put in place now, to support our future plans?
  • Typical duration: 6 weeks
  • What is included:
    • Current documents, forms & templates
    • Simple HR/IR Survey of all staff
    • Interviews with selected staff