Recruitment Agency in Perth

WCA Solutions are your trusted local recruitment agency in Perth, providing a range of temporary and permanent recruitment solutions for small to medium-sized businesses.
At WCA Solutions, our primary focus is to provide comprehensive, customised solutions to our clients. As such, our specialist recruitment consultants will collaborate with you from the first point of contact to ensure we match the ideal candidates with the right businesses. Regardless of the industry, if you are seeking a reliable and dedicated recruitment consultant in Perth, look no further than WCA Solutions.

Tailored Recruitment Solutions

With over 21 years of experience as a reliable recruitment company , we understand that every business is unique and requires tailored recruitment solutions. As such, we take pride in affording our clients the flexibility to select the budget and level of recruitment support they require.
The WCA Solutions HR and Recruitment team have successfully placed thousands of local and international candidates across a broad range of industries and professions. Our team has a broad network across various industries and are experts in hiring:

Our Services

WIth years of experience in the recruitment industry, our team have access to multiple large talent pools filled with high-calibre candidates. Regardless, if you’re looking to fill a temporary position or seeking a candidate for a more permanent one, you can trust WCA Solutions, your local recruitment agency in Perth, to source the ideal candidate for your business.

Recruitment Services

We pride ourselves on sourcing only the highest calibre of candidates that not only meet the position requirements but also exceed business expectations. We utilise our knowledge and expertise in the best-practice screening processes and recruitment tools.
Our team has recruited thousands of candidates for satisfied clients of all business types. In addition, we have successfully implemented and delivered recruitment strategies to identify and recruit the best talent for some of the world’s most complex projects.
Our recruitment services include:

Job Descriptions

Effective and comprehensive workforce planning plays an integral role in determining an organisation’s success as it ensures the direction of the workforce aligns with the business’s goals and objectives.
Determining the necessary skills, capabilities and competencies required to achieve your strategic and operational goals is a key principle of workforce planning. Job Descriptions are integral to this process as they support the organisational structure and workforce planning activities. Job Descriptions completed by experts help employees understand their roles within the business and the goals they should be working towards.
WCA Solutions have a tried and tested process that assists with structuring job descriptions with duties and responsibilities that align core business expectations with the values and culture of the organisation.

Clear & Compliant Contracts

Regardless of the industry of business type, correct and relevant contracts compliant with legislative requirements are essential for new employees within an organisation. To avoid potentially costly disputes or disagreements, it is best practice to enlist the help of an expert HR consultancy firm to develop thorough and up-to-date employment contracts.
That is where WCA Solutions comes in; our team have extensive experience drafting comprehensive employment contracts that are in the best interests of both the employer and the employee. We will work with you to develop contracts suited to your industry and business type so you can rest assured your organisation is protected from future challenges.

Induction and Onboarding

To best ensure your new employee becomes an effective and productive member of your team, it is vital to make sure they are supported during the first couple of months of their employment. Not only this, but it is essential that employees receive all relevant training in an open environment where they feel comfortable asking questions.
WCA Solutions has extensive experience in providing consultancy services to organisations that cements the employee’s longevity within the business. Our team have also developed a range of best-practice induction and onboarding programs for clients in various industries. We incorporate appropriate probation check-ins and induction into your HR and WHS requirements.

Our Process

Step 1

Client Briefing

Here, on a call with a member of our team, we will collaborate with you to identify the necessary expertise and values you are seeking from your next employee. In addition to this, we can also provide you with guidance regarding current industry wage standards and how to best frame the role to attract the highest quality of candidates for the position.

Step 2

Remuneration is Established

WCA Solutions offers permanent recruitment services on a success fee OR at an hourly rate with an agreed-upon budget. The success fee is calculated as a percentage of the salary accepted by the candidate. On an hourly rate arrangement, a member of our team will assist you within a set budget and scope, subject to how much support is required.

Step 3

Job Description & Advert

Together, we will develop a Job Description to document the requirements of the role’s key objectives, tasks, responsibilities and expectations. With this information, a member of our team will develop a clear and concise Job Advert to best promote the role and attract the highest quality of candidates possible. The Job Description will also assist us in defining the selection criteria and interview questions ahead of shortlisting candidates.

Step 4

Advertise & Shortlist

With multiple large talent pools of more than 30,000 local and international candidates, and an impressive business network, WCA Solutions are guaranteed to find the talent you are seeking. Our team will shortlist ideal candidates against your chosen selection criteria and Job Description requirements and will work with you to identify the most suitable candidates to progress to the interview stage.

Step 5

Interview & Select

Our team are experts in conducting behavioural interviews to ensure our clients receive the best talent available. We will collaborate with you to interview the shortlisted candidates and assist you throughout the entire recruitment process.

Step 6

Pre-employment Checks

WCA Solutions will support you in conducting any necessary pre-employment checks, including medicals, psychometric assessments, reference checking, qualification verifications, police clearances, and working rights verification.

Case Study

Engineering Recruitment

We have successfully placed thousands of professional services and engineering personnel for our clients across the entire lifecycle of resource projects internationally. From Feasibility, Pre-FEED, FEED, Detailed Design, Construction, Installation, Commissioning, Maintenance, Integrity Management, and Operations.

Frequently Asked Questions

Recruitment agencies have degree-qualified and heavily experienced HR and recruitment consultants that take the stress out of matching organisations with their ideal candidates. This saves organisations time and money as they don’t have to focus on finding the right candidate and can instead rely on the experts to do so.
WCA Solutions offers permanent placement recruitment services either at an hourly rate with an agreed-upon budget OR on a “success fee” basis which is calculated as a percentage of the salary accepted by the candidate.
WCA Solutions are experts recruiting across the majority of industries and sectors, including Mining, Oil & Gas, Professional Services, Hospitality, Social and Community, Medical and Allied Health, Aged Care, Manufacturing, Technology, IT industries. Our team works with private, publicly listed, government, and not-for-profit organisations to source the best talent available both locally and internationally.

We work with our clients to develop the selection process up front to ensure we align with any existing or preferred client processes. In the absence of an existing or preferred process, WCA Solutions can advise best practices and tailor the process to fit your needs subject to the industry and position.

Recruitment selection processes can include:

  • Application questionnaires and cover letters.
  • Introduction videos from candidates.
  • Qualifications, medicals, and clearances
  • Pre-screening interviews conducted by telephone or video
  • Client interviews
  • Reference checks
  • Psychometric appraisals.
WCA Solutions have been operating in Australia for 21 years, and thus, our reputation as one of the premier Perth recruitment agencies is well known. Our Directors have extensive local and international Human resources, Business Leadership, Engineering and Commercial experience and are highly networked in the Resources and Energy industry. Our team are degree qualified in Human resources, Psychology, Workplace Health & Safety, Engineering, and Business Administration, with extensive experience across a broad range of industries. The WCA Solutions team are members of the Australian Human Resources Institute (AHRI). Thereby, with our expertise, experience, and networks, WCA Solutions guarantees to find you the right person for the job, with no hefty placement fee.