Case Study: National Project Management Firm

WCA has supported and assisted national project management firm over the past 12 years and has seen the company grow from an initial team of approximately 5 staff to the group now operating nationally across multiple offices with a team of close to 50 staff.

During this time, WCA has and continues to provide the HR and IR management and expertise to the company through development and implementation of specific programs and provision of ad-hoc consulting advice including:

  • Remuneration benchmarking exercise comparing multiple industry salary surveys;
  • Review and implementation of legislative requirements within all staff employment contracts to meet WorkChoices amendments to the Workplace Relations Act 1996, and subsequently the Fair Work Act 2009;
  • Review and development of job descriptions; and
  • Ongoing development and review of various policies and procedures for implementation within the company.

A key component of WCA’s ongoing work with the Group is the development of a bespoke Executive Development Program.  In conjunction with the Directors, WCA developed a customised 360° leadership assessment tool which has been utilised to identify and support the development of staff transitioning into Associate Director and Director roles within the Group. WCA supports this transition by providing tailored one on one coaching to facilitate growth in the areas identified in the 360° Leadership Development Assessment tool as well as additional strategic planning and business development training.

WCA has also developed an in-house mentoring program incorporating development of policies and procedures as well as staff and management training sessions which has now been implemented through training sessions for both “mentors” and “mentees” in 2012.

More recently WCA has completed biennial Staff Culture Surveys for the Group and based upon recommendations, has subsequently developed an ongoing program to support Directors in the implementation of identified people and culture initiatives.


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