Closing Loopholes Bill Summary

The Closing Loopholes Bill tabled in October 2023 proposed some of the most significant changes to industrial relations law in Australian history. Federal Government split the Bill into 2 parts, with the Part 1 of Closing Loopholes Bill passed on Thursday 7 December 2023. Part 2 of the Bill is potentially expected to pass in […]

Tjiwarl Aboriginal Corporation Strategy Development

WCA Solutions was engaged by Tjiwarl Aboriginal Corporation to facilitate its 2040 Vision and 3-Year Strategic Plan. WCA Solutions, Directors Bernard & Debbie Mackin facilitated four-full-day sessions with the Board of Directors and CEO to develop their strategic plan and review and refresh their sustainability framework. The process was tailored and the sessions were meticulously […]

Small Business Workplace Health & Safety Responsibilities Made Simple

Small businesses As a major employer in Australia, small businesses must look after the health and safety of their workers. Small businesses have work health and safety (WHS) duties and most are required to have workers’ compensation insurance. Small businesses have less than 15 workers. They are often single-director companies and family businesses. In 2018–19, […]

Link Employee Performance Management Systems with Annual Business Strategy

Now that you have set your Company KPIs for the Year Ahead, it’s time to align the team to support it Performance Management Aligning your team to support Company KPIs can be completed through the performance appraisal process. The performance appraisal process involves a comparison of performance and conduct against defined standards. These standards vary […]

Fair Work Commission Conciliation Process Support for Employers

Navigating the Fair Work Commission Conciliation Process Conciliation is a voluntary process to help an employer and employee resolve a dispute, which may include unfair dismissal claims, disputes regarding flexible work arrangements, or disputes regarding the extension of parental leave. Conciliation is an informal method of resolving these disputes that is generally conducted by telephone […]

A Leaders Guide to Building Resilience in the Workplace

A Leaders Guide to Building Resilience in the Workplace Building resilience is a crucial skill for leaders in today’s rapidly changing and uncertain world. Resilience is the ability to bounce back from adversity, cope with stress and uncertainty, and continue functioning effectively despite challenges and setbacks. Here are seven key strategies that leaders can use […]

Navigating Unfair Dismissal Claims for Employers

An application for an unfair dismissal remedy can be dismissed by the Fair Work Commission for several reasons: the application is not made in accordance with the Fair Work Act; the applicant refuses to respond to directions or attend a conference or hearing; the application is frivolous or vexatious, or the application has no reasonable […]

2023 Industrial Relations Calendar

There have been a number of changes to Industrial Relations in 2023. WCA Solutions have developed a 2023 Industrial Relations Calendar to assist business owners, operators, and human resource practitioners keep up to date with key changes affecting Australian employer’s compliance obligations.    

WCA Solutions Leadership and Supervisor Training

Unlock Your Team’s Potential with WCA Solutions Leadership and Supervisor Training  WCA Solutions’ team of seasoned HR & Safety consultants deliver pragmatic Supervisor & Leadership training modules which deliver quantifiable outcomes for clients, drawing on decades of experience working with local Australian and international businesses. To make our training accessible and flexible for your organisation, […]

Recruitment Service Saves Client $25,000

This case study highlights the qualifiable value outcome achieved through the hourly rate model vs the success fee model, which has continued to significantly save costs for our clients and provide additional value. WCA Solutions’ recruitment services were engaged by a Mining Geochemical company, with a global reputation in the mineral processing industry (the client). […]