Case Study: A Global Oil Service Company

WCA was initially engaged by a global oil service company in 2015 to provide strategic and specialist HR and IR consulting services.

Following the initial engagement, it was determined that a requirement existed for an in-house HR Consultant, employed by WCA but operating from the company’s Perth premises, on a weekly, part time basis to achieve the following key objectives:

  • Completion of a comprehensive staff culture survey and subsequent staff training;
  • Provision of a centralised, targeted and consistent recruitment and selection function;
  • Updated staff contracts reflective of legislative requirements and ensuring effective confidentiality and restraint of trade clauses;
  • Review, development, implementation and maintenance of human resource policies and procedures;
  • Award clarification and remuneration benchmarking;
  • Counselling and mediation;
  • The creation of outcome/objective based job descriptions including KPIs for each role; and
  • Provision of IR advice to local and international offices.

Due to the decline of the Oil and Gas market during this 3 year engagement, WCA then assisted with downsizing the business, including conducting several redundancies. WCA also completed all transitional employment arrangements associated with the sale of one of the company’s business units including termination and liaison with the purchasing entity to facilitate a smooth transition for all employees in 2018.

Since this time WCA has been engaged to complete a number of IR compliance projects including review of offshore employee pay rates in 2019/20 with a view to restructuring staff remuneration packages and more recently a review of the employee handbook and updating of all HR policies and procedures in 2021.


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