Case Study: Technical Mining Services Experts

April | Change Management | Case Study

WCA was engaged by an established WA company of technical mining services experts to complete a Desktop HR and IR Audit in mid-2018.

As part of this process WCA reviewed all aspects of their HR/IR documentation against legal requirements and HR best practice, as well as discussions and meetings with managers.  Upon completion of the Audit, WCA presented the findings in a detailed report that outlined diagnosis and recommendations.

Approximately 18 months later the organisation engaged WCA as their HR team on an inhouse retained basis to implement and deliver key recommendations. This has included:

  • Developing current and compliant employment contracts aligned with relevant Modern Awards for full-time, part-time and casual staff;
  • Developing an employee retention strategy;
  • Revise Performance Appraisal process in align with industry best practice and align with the company’s business to enable more meaningful, regular and shorter performance check ins;
  • Developing and implementing a quarterly performance check-ins for all employees;
  • Subsequent Manager/Supervisor coaching and training to ensure effective delivery of Quarterly Performance Check Ins;
  • Conducting salary compliance reviews for pay rates of all individual employees;
  • Drive and facilitate recruitment and selection activities;
  • HR/IR Strategic advice and support.

In addition to the above, WCA has worked alongside them to develop an Annual HR Calendar to capture key HR/IR activities and priorities across the year to provide clear line of sight of HR/IR priorities aligned with their business needs and cycles.

WCA continues to work with the company in an in-house retained arrangement to implement further key HR/IR deliverables.