Case Study: Leading Private Catholic College

After completing an organisational restructure, WCA was engaged by a premier private Catholic College, to assist in the development and preparation of customised position descriptions to reflect the updated organisational structure and align with the strategic direction of the College.

Position descriptions were developed to encompass the importance of the broader and College Catholic values and ethos whilst also providing outcome based objectives in the key areas of People, Students/Parents & Community, Operations, Financial and Pastoral Care.

Through applying an outcome based objectives model, the position descriptions were developed to incorporate key performance indicators that would be easily transferrable to the performance management system and encourage objective measurement of deliverables.

WCA completed these activities for agreed key leadership positions in late 2018 and was subsequently engaged to develop a more broad-reaching set of position descriptions covering the remaining leadership positions across various departments within the College.

WCA looks forward to continuing to work with the College in the future.


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