Case Study: International Oil & Gas Field Services Company

WCA was engaged by an international oil & gas service organisation, to complete a Deep Dive HR and IR Audit and with worldwide locations across major oil & gas logistics hubs WCA needed to be mindful of the broader group’s protocols and requirements.

The comprehensive HR and IR Audit involved a review of the organisation’s existing HR/IR documentation against legal requirements, best practice, and existing group requirements as well as the completion of a number of in-depth interviews with key company employees as well as a People and Culture Survey of the broader team.

Upon completion of the Audit, WCA presented the findings to the District (Asia Pacific) Manager who engaged WCA to implement key recommendations from the Audit on an in-house retained basis for an initial two year period.  Activities completed have included the following:

  • Develop and implement a process to document and transfer knowledge from key individuals;
  • Develop and implementation of a succession planning and talent management plan and strategy;
  • Develop a Training and Development Plan encompassing a Classification Matrix for each position to allow each employee to understand gaps and opportunities for organisational development;
  • Redesign and implement a fit for purpose Performance Appraisal process to offer and gain feedback from employees on individual and company performance;
  • Ensure policies, procedures, practices and employment contracts are compliant, in line with best practice and are fit for purpose;
  • Review and redesign current recruitment, selection and induction processes to improve the quality of new hires, effectiveness of new hires upon commencement and improve manager capabilities in hiring people;
  • Develop and implement a reward and recognition program linked with behaviours and performance; and
  • Provide support to Management in delivering HR protocols, practices and policies to achieve the best outcome for the organisation’s people and clients.

WCA’s initial retained engagement has recently been extended and we continue to work with the organsiation to implement further key HR/IR deliverables to assist in successfully achieving future HR strategic objectives including the recent launch of a follow up People and Culture Survey.


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